Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kids for Christ

Just sitting down on a beautiful Saturday evening and putting down a few of these thoughts about this weekend. We got a bus! The first ever bus ministry here at Pleasant View Baptist Church. From bus calling today, we've got plenty of riders lined up and ready to go! So excited about what God is doing through us! It's all because of Him.

Well, first of all, I'm excited that one day, I might be walking down the street, and get stopped by a middle aged man who shakes my hand and says, "You brought me to church on that little yellow bus. And now I'm a pastor. Thank you so much for doing that for me." I may take a missions trip to the Philippines and meet a missionary's wife and she might say, "Thank you so much for taking me to church on that bus every Sunday morning." Awesome thought, huh?

Like our bus captain says, I want to see the church auditorium filled with snot-nosed kids running around in blue jeans, baseball caps and rock-n-roll t-shirts. I want to love them just the way they are. Because I want to see all that potential realized in every one of their lives! Just think of the impact it could make in our community!

I'm thinking about Gaven, not even eight years old yet, and he's already brought more visitors to church than I have this year. And I'm thinking about little 'Bam'... the kid that knows everybody in town and is a better 'inviter-to-churcher' than I am. I want to see them in them grow up here. In church.

Yes, yes, yes, it takes up almost half of my Saturday and half of my Sunday. But who said they were 'my days' anyway? Besides, it's more enjoyable and far more satisfying to me than anything else I've done on a weekend to date.

I say bring it on! Bring on the blue jeans. Bring on the ball caps. Bring on the rock t-shirts. I want to see that little bus filled with kids for Christ!

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