Saturday, August 15, 2009

banjos, bows, and baptists

Today, Bro. Brian Hatfield, Pastor of Beth El Midrash Baptist Congregation, took Jonathan and I to see the shop where Jon's Banjo was made here in Milwaukee. (Incidentally, bro. Brian was the one that gave him the instrument!) The guy who makes 'em has been doing it since the 70's, and he's great at it. I guess that's why he gets around $1500 for a cheap one, eh? Anyway, it was cool to meet the fella who crafted it.

Then Pastor Hatfield took us to the bow-range to shoot his bow. It had been a while since I had a, arrow flinger in my hands, but after I got warmed up I guess I didn't do too bad...

And after a great meal with the Hatfield family in their home, we sung and presented the ministry at their church!

Praise the Lord for a great day with His people.

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Kerry said...

Hey, I think I know those people in that photo on the pulpit...

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