Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bearing Precious Seed & the Creation Museum

Yesterday our family was treated to two tours. First, the director of BPS printing ministry in Milford, Ohio, bro. Al Braley, took us on a tour of the complex. He said that last year they printed over 9,200,00 scriptures! And next, Pastor Duttry, of First Baptist of Milford, somehow was able to get tickets for us to go to Ken Ham's creation museum for free!

And so the Lord blessed with a wonderful time.

Two things that I enjoy are writing, and music. I haven't the talent that I'm sure some of you have for both, but I'm focusing a little more time to songwriting. I would be interested in hearing some of your tips and tricks if you have some!

Let's all continue to use our efforts to give glory to God.

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running4him said...

Sory Stephen. I love writing books, short stories, and poems but no songs. I only translate them.

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