Tuesday, December 15, 2009

to the Bayou and back

Just got back from Houston, Texas! Pastor Shawn Nichols, of Bayou Drive Baptist Church, flew me down for the weekend to candidate for a short term pastoral internship. The flight down was uneventful, and got set up on Saturday for the Lord's Day. The morning services went well, Pastor Shawn preached on Mary's song out of Luke 1. It was a great message! Then they had good old fashioned food and fellowship after the service, then for the 'interrogation and torture' session with the men of the church. :)

Starting at 2:00PM and running all the way up to the evening service, we exchanged questions and answers regarding our specific beliefs and standards. It was great to help keep things fresh in your mind about what you believe! And it all went well. In the evening service, I preached a message entitled, "A passion for God", out of Psalm 42:1. As I expected I was more nervous about preaching than I was about answering questions!

But God is good.

On Monday, I was dropped off at the airport at 2PM, and because a series of mishaps, gate changes, terminal changes, airline changes, and departure time changes, wheels didn't leave the ground until about 10:30PM. Crazy. But I'm thankful to be back with my family here in Greenville, SC. I'll keep ya'll updated on the status of the Internship as things unfold. LGBM!

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Apostle TaVon Davis said...

So how is traveling and preaching? I did some traveling oversees when I was 19 but haven't been traveling since I became a preacher. In my calling traveling is apart of my gifting, but it just hasn't started yet.

Come by and read my blog when ever you get the time.

Ta'Von Davis

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