Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's up!

Hey Ya'll! Its been a while! I've been, as everyone else has been lately, extremely busy, and being tied up is, for me, a good thing.

Right now I am in Taylors, South Carolina going to Pleasant View Baptist Church! They've been very gracious to let me stay with some folks in the church while I teach in the Christian School, work with the boys in the boys home, or just be an elbow-grease lackey! Pastor Stacy Shiflett is a blessing to be with. It's been an exciting spring!

I'm praying about where God would like me to be for the next little while, so if you think about it, pray that God would give me wisdom & discernment to recognize his will. Don't want to miss out on the next cool thing that God has for me!

1 comment:

running4him said...

Sounds cool!! I'll keep praying for God's will for you. Keep up the fight

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