Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yes, it is. Let’s not let the media and the critics and the pessimists rob us of a happy and blessed new year! Let’s face it. There is so much junk out there, you’ve got to literally pick your way through just to find the truth. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll keep my focus on Jesus, because I’m sure that he’ll be able to handle everything just fine.

Wow. A brand new 365 day set to fill with all kinds of memories. Think about it. At the end of 2009, that’s really all we’ll have to show. What sort of memories will we make? Will we be able to say, “At the beginning of the year, I made it a point to live just a little more for others. Wow, that was one of the best decisions that I could have made.” Or will we say, “Man, I wasted away all sorts of opportunities to make friends, help out, and be an encouragement to everyone. Looking back, that’s a regret that I wish I didn’t have to live with!” As they say, "Jesus, others, and then you."

I had an awesome ’08! I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me those days to use for Him. And I’m humbly grateful for the folks who invested in me during this past year. Dad and Mom, thank you so much for putting up with me, putting that energy into me, and just putting out a positive attitude that makes home one of my most favorite places to be. It's awesome! And a big hearty THANK YOU to all of my Christian family and friends out there who have been there for me even when it came down to crunch time!

But in the end, it’s just like what I preached at the New Year’s eve service at our church. Without HIM, I couldn’t even have poured the milk on my cereal this morning. I wouldn’t be able to whistle ‘Yankee doodle’ or even get out of bed! We are totally dependent on him for everything. All that we did this past year was completely made possible by the Lord, and Him alone. What an awesome God we serve!

There is so much I could write here about God’s provision. About the financial pressure of last summer’s trip (which He took care of quite unexpectedly), about the health concerns of our loved ones (he came though again), and about the gateways of service that He helped us through over the course of those 52 weeks of non-stop action!

While ’08 really showcased how God can work in someone's life, I’m not afraid to say that he’s got a whole lot more planned for ’09. It’s going to be great! As long as we’re staying close in our walk with Him, there’s no limit to what He can accomplish when we’re yielded to His will. Let's keep on praising and Magnifying Him throughout this new year and even beyond!

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