Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last week, I...

Huddle! huddle! Okay, are we ready to live last week for the set? Let's go! On to, on two, ready? BREAK!

Okay, so first, we really need to buy a car. So what do we do? Duh, we go to! So we find one about the right price (around $1200), the right type (small gas saver) and the right location (Copperas cove, TX)! So now we go on Monday and look at it, and check it out. What sorta car is this thing? Well, it looks like It's a '94 Mazda MX-6 with 136000 miles. Cool. It's got everything. 2.5 L 24 valve DOHC V6, Power windows, power locks, power seats, sunroof, cruise control, leather interior, it's really loaded! The only thing that it really needs is to get the A/C repaired and recharged, so will the guy take $1100 cash? Yeah, but he's gotta get the paperwork ready for it. So we come back the next day (as per the doctor's orders), and we've got everything ready to roll. Sweet! It drives like a sports car! What a blessing.

Fast forward through the rest of the workweek to Saturday, what's next? Okay, now we need to go down to Austin to go to Pastor Hank Thompson's funeral. Wow, what a man of God. As pastor of Capitol City Baptist Church for many years, you could say he's been around the block a few times. And a giver! He'll be remembered for his willingness to be there for you whenever, wherever, and however you needed him. Whether you had to have a helping hand out on the ranch, a friend to talk things over with, or just shoulder to cry on, he'd be there. He had the wisdom of 100 men of God. And he's always take the time to share it with you, whoever you were.

So it's really great to be at Capitol City and be with the old college friends again. In case you didn't know , this is the church that Jonathan and I went to college at for a year. Learned a lot, that's for sure. It's a blessing just to be able to catch up with all of 'em again.
Okay, so now we need to head on over to Cabela's, one of my favorite stores in the world. (if we must go shopping, let's shop here.) :) Spending time with the family is always a lot of fun, so it makes the time seem to fly by pretty quickly.

Well, as I sit here and write all of this on a Sunday afternoon, it's about time to leave and go to church and enjoy some more great singing, preaching, and fellowship at Freedom Baptist Church! I think we'll have some grub after the service as well, so should be a great time, eh? Well. so long; and until next time, keep on praising, serving and magnifying the marvelous Master!

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