Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Day...

So after we came back from pastor's school, we took last Saturday and went on a family outing and went hiking.

Our 'new' vehicle, the Ford Expedition (a huge answer to prayer)!

believe it or not, you can find greenery in texas (at least in the spring)...

Talley ho, mates!

"the bros."

"the bridge that spans a thousand rivers"... NOT!

what a bummer, I know... oh wait... :)

My favorite 8 year old sister... (at least 4 now) :)

Yeah, who would have thunk it? a waterfall?

Want great photos? go outdoors.

Catching, minnows, frogs, and other assorted creatures!

And a grand meal at Cracker Barrel to top off a near perfect day!


Sharon said...

Ooooh yeah...

Anonymous said...

It looks like ya'll had TONS of fun!!!! These pics remind me of the fun we had at your house when we hiked the property. =) That was so much fun! =)

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