Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the scoop

Hey ya'll, just givin' ya the low-down on what's hot & what's not around here. Well, let's see... oh, here we go. My brother and I have been offered the chance to go on an extended missions trip to Germany to help out missionary Troy Green and his family! (sidebar #1; they're sent out of the same church @ which we both went to college - Capitol City Baptist Church. Great folk.) We'd stay for about two months, and work with the church. At the same time, be earning money working for bro. green's employer, which is the commissary at the local US military base. Cool proposition, eh?

Here's the catch, we gotta find a way to get over there. (like, ya know, swim, drive, or fly =) ) the tickets normally cost from $800-$1000, but right now there's a few for just $430. If I can ask, please pray, my good friends, for the money to come in, so that we can take full advantage of this opportunity!

So that''s on the hot list right now, so let's see, what else is new. Oh yeah, after rigorous training and debilitating workouts (yeah right), I ran a mile in 7 mins, 45 secs this morning. I know, I really need to lose all that weight, and get the time down to a reasonable number. Like you know, oh say, four minutes or so... =O

So, as it all rolls, that's a few things on the top of the program right now. Ya'll have a wonderful day, and don't forget to eat your Wheaties! :)

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Katie Karpenko said...

ya know I really think it would be cheaper to swim there.....haha!

7 MINUTES?!?!?!? pathetic! (lol yeah I can do it in like.....10! LOL)

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