Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yesterday Jon and I laid the rest of the tile for the church in the AM, then went down to Cabela's in Austin in the PM.

The tile itself was pretty easy to put in; just put down your glue, and then just lay 'er on down!

Bro. Douglas was there to help us every step of the way... :)

I'll have to say, if I have to go shopping, let's go to Cabelas!

It's a great place to take pics too, eh?

Love the design, maybe God will make my mansion in heaven 'Cabelas style' eh?

YEAH, flying, AND the great outdoors. Can you beat that?

The customary Dr. Pepper...

Ever play with a wii before?

He told me right after this picture was taken... "I need contacts- my left eye is killing me!" hmmm... I wonder why. =)

Let God Be Magnified!


Anonymous said...

Looks like alot of fun! Yes, believe it or not, I actually have fun in Cabelas too! haha! Most people wouldn't think so, but when it comes to having a good time...I can do that just about anywhere! =D

I also think it would be a GREAT idea to put a Cabelas in a mall! It would be PERFECT! The women can go shopping and the guys can enjoy themselves too! haha! I'm a genius! =D

Sharon said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!

Jonathan Raub said...

Totally a good day. Airport, Cabelas, what more can you ask for? I guess only a plane to fly in, eh?!!

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