Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arrival in Germany!

Well, after much planning, praying, and packing, (and not in that order), Jonathan and I have landed in Breberen, Germany! The Green family has been wonderful hosts & tour guides. We've seen a lot of stuff just on our first day here! Some pics of the day... well, two days actually, if you know what I mean... :)

Stay tuned; there is much more to come!


Anonymous said...

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to go overseas someday!!!! Sharon got to go to Austria, Romania, and Ireland for her Senior Year, but I've only been to Hawaii! haha! (which was INCREDIBLE) but someday I would like to go to a foreign country! Have a GREAT time and take TONS of pics!!! (I wanna see 'em) =D

Sharon said...

Wow!!! Looking forward to more! LYL!

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Great pictures! It's amazing how God got you guys out there. I'm looking forward to seeing how God will use you!

Love ya!


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