Saturday, May 16, 2009

Freinds, fortresses, and freedom

So, my friends, we see here some of the landscape of Germany and Holland. It's a pretty place (at least in the summer ) . :) Beautiful scenery, and plenty of things to see. Today was spent well; with 3-on-3 basketball, and seeing a couple of castles, and hanging out with Amigos!

"Okay, what does freedom have to do with it?" you say. Hey, glad you asked. Anna Julie Cooper once said, "The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or sect, a party or class - it is the cause of mankind, the very birthright of humanity." Hmmmm... sounds similar to; " We hold these truths to self-evident, that all men were created equal, That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, That among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

Even though some folks say that socialism is the answer, after just a few days in the European Union, I can say that it just plain ain't. It just isn't! The restrictions that these people have to live with are just amazing. If you want to do just about anything that a free individual would normally do, you have to have a permit or two at least. If you can get one. It would take a book to describe the stuff they restrict and control. Without a permit, or 'a purpose', no:
having a pet,
or even washing your car in your driveway!

The taxes get crazier. Rain tax, dog tax, etc... Way weird.

Anyway, all that to say this I really enjoy visiting these other countries!


Sharon said...

That sounds like so much fun to see all that! *sigh* But...I sure do love the USA!

running4him said...

I do not know who the guy in the red shirt and sunglasses is, but man he looks cool!!! LOL You take awesome shots Stephen!!!

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