Thursday, June 4, 2009

God's been so good to me!

Below you'll find some random pics of the past few days...

From left to right: bozo, weirdo, goofball, and, um, nutcase. :)

The German DAX, the economic trade center for Germany, located in downtown Frankfurt!

Old-style buildings reconstructed after the war, also in Frankfurt.

The Main (pronounced mine) river in (you guessed it, Frankfurt, Germany!) :)

I was blessed last night with the incredible opportunity to preach! "Take up the mantle" out of II kings 2

the old...

And now the new...

I am so blessed; it's unbelievable what the Lord has done for me, with me, through me. I am humbled by his awesome grace. Let God be Magnified!


Sharon said...

Hey Stephen! Cool pics! Oh BTW...a month and 3 days 'till you come back! Wahoo!!!

running4him said...

Looks great!!! Praise God for his grace!!!

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