Saturday, July 4, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

It's been a wonderful week! We've been making several trips back and forth between Hiensberg area and Hanau. We've moved at least 4 moving truck loads of stuff, and countless loads of garbage to the dumpster. :) We've been getting an average of 5.3 or so hours of sleep, been running almost every day, lifting weights, playing basketball, so we're somewhat weary. A wonderful week, I tell you!


Have a wonderful 4th of July, everyone!


Sharon said...

How neat!!! Looks like Jonathan's really involved in just about everything! I'm sure you are, too.
Can't wait for Monday!

Katie said...

Hi Stephen,

I have just moved this last week, so I can pretty much guess what you all are feeling in those pictures. :-)

I read and follow your sisters blog, so that is how I found yours. I have enjoyed reading it, and plan to continue. it is always great to see other young people who are like minded in their walk with Christ, keep up the good work.

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