Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aviation Wednesday

Yesterday was a cool aviation themed day! A brother in the church that we're staying with took Jon and I to see the Harrier jump jets at MCAS Cherry Point. Very cool. Then later, on the way to church, we stopped in by invitation to see a former bush pilot friend of ours' airport that he uses for missionary aviation support. Had dinner with he and his wife, and a few other aviation missionaries that were with him, then to church! Pretty sweet day!

Harriers on the tarmac

One of the planes that the brother (who is a aircraft mechanic) is currently working on

Awesome to see 'em up close and personal

The missionary aviation station

inside the hanger? a Cessna 206 and a 152

an 1800 ft. runway is no problem... for a bush pilot...

Here's Dad talking to a WWII vet, who just happens to be the recipient of both the Purple Heart and the Navy Cross

Two veteran bush pilots, Jack Hunt and Mark Robertson.

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