Friday, November 20, 2009

Fishing tales

Yep, that's right, fishing. Never would have thought it, huh? Yeah right, ME? Do the fishing thing? OK, I didn't fish, but I was around fishermen, assisting in landing their prize(s).

Thursday night. We want to get involved in as much of the action as we can, so we go with Grace Baptist church to do some visitation. And guess what? Before the night is over, we're seeing 3 people bow their heads. Pray the sinners prayer. And be born again into the family of God. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! Some awesome fishing story, I tell ya.

OK, so then, since we're near the ocean, and we hear they got fish in there, we get little bro Jason rigged up with a pole and some bait, and we're off the pier. And before we know it, he's hauled in a shark! OK, so it was 21 or so inches long, but until you can catch one PERIOD, we'll laud him for his achievement. And no, it didn't bite our heads off.

OK, so I like fishing. On the lake, on the river, on the coast, it's awesome. But as much as I enjoy the feel of a fighter on the end of my line, I'll trade it for fishing for men, any day of the week!

Just can't beat it.

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Sharon said...

Oh, and that's not all! Jason also caught some sort of other fish - silvery white and about 8 inches long - and then the next day he caught a small blowfish! He's pretty happy to be a fisherman!

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